7 Easy recipes to make with meat

Easy recipes to make with meat 04Thinkstock

The meat can be used in various forms such as steak or as a filling. learn 7 Easy recipes to make with meat. The dishes are practical, fit to make on a daily basis.

Roulade of beef

The meat jelly roll is made with spicy ground beef. Fill with mozzarella and bacon, is a delight.

Sandwich shredded beef

With simple ingredients and easy preparation, bet on a sandwich of shredded beef.

Stroganoff beef

Traditional in the kitchen, learn how to make a delicious meat stroganoff. This recipe is simple and is ready quickly.

Beef recipe on black beer

black beer beef recipe is simple to make and consists of seasoned steaks in a different way. Try it!

Meat pancake

Meat pancake is ideal for those days when you're in the mood for a dough recipe easy to make. Bet on onion cream to give a taste more on the plate.

Hidden ground beef

Learn a simple and easy recipe escondidinho of ground beef.

tenderloin recipe with lemon sauce

Make a different sauce to accompany the meat. The beef tenderloin with lemon sauce is a simple recipe, ideal for a change in the course of everyday life.

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