“The Perfect Choice 3”: Bellas come together to last show in new trailer

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The group of the most darling chapel cinema is back in the third movie "The Perfect Choice". Starring Anna Kendrick ( "Twilight"), the Bellas come together again to make a last performance together.

The Perfect Choice 3

In the new film, the singers will face a new scenario. Formed in college and unhappy in their jobs, they end up meeting again to perform in a European tour. Watch the trailer:

The problem now is that the group seems to have been far behind and will be difficult to meet new professionals. In addition, they also have the challenge to innovate in original songs for the show.

"The Perfect Choice 3" brings back too comedienne Rebel Wilson ( "Mission Wedding Godmother"), Elizabeth Banks ( "The Hunger Games) and Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld (" True Grit ").

Still not forecast premieres in Brazilian theaters, the new movie hits US rooms in Christmas this year.

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