Felt doll for boys

Felt pet for boys

Learn how to make this beautiful aviator to give away or even decorate the nursery. That Felt doll for boys It costs $ 15 to make and can be traded up for $ 30.

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  • Felt the color navy blue 80 x 20 cm
  • Felt on ivory 26 x 12 cm
  • Felt canary yellow color in 12 x 10 cm
  • green felt 32 x 4 cm
  • Felt Retalhinho in white
  • Felt the caramel color Retalhinho
  • Plumante
  • 3 buttons shaped ball in yellow color
  • 2 pupils for the eyes 2
  • 2 appliques flags of Brazil
  • Cutting nippers
  • Scissors
  • pins
  • hot glue
  • Line for stitching in the colors ivory, yellow and Navy
  • Embroidery needle
  • serger caliper
  • Fabric pen fine writing in red
  • Blush
  • molds

Step by step:

  • 1 Cut the molds. Then pin them on the felt and cut out the pieces.
  • Add the two parts of the head and in line with caseie ivory, leaving an opening for filling. Then Fill the piece with plumante.
  • 3 Repeat for the other pieces, caseie with the lines in the respective colors and fill with plumante. Do not close the base of the helmet.
  • 4 with hot glue, glue the felt little pieces in yellow color (glasses lens) on the base felt white.
  • 5 Cut several strips in the track ends in green to make the scarf fringes.
  • 6 Paste the glasses on the helmet with hot glue.
  • 7 Paste the little hair on his head.
  • 8 Glue the pupils in the face, also with hot glue.
  • 9 Paint the cheekbones with blush.
  • 10 With the pen in red, draw the risk of mouth and nose.
  • 11 Remove the base of the ball buttons with the cutting pliers.
  • 12 with hot glue, paste them on the outfit.
  • 13 Then, paste in the head body.
  • 14 Cole hands on little arms.
  • 15 Fit the booties in the legs and backstitch with navy blue line.
  • 16 With the help of tweezers, put some plumante in helmet background.
  • 17 Snap the helmet on his head and stick with hot glue.
  • 18 Paste the scarf around the neck, then repeat the same step with the flags and put them on clothes.

Meet other content House Two. This craft is part of the art magazine with the hands - Bichinhos and Dolls ed. 03.

Felt pet for boys 4

Felt pet for boys

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