750 bottles and 1,200 diapers in the month: how are quintuplets that moved the country

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Imagine a fully focused routine care of five babies cry, suck, dirty diaper and need care and constant attention to the full development? This is how Barbara Karina Barrera and John Biagi Junior, Santos, São Paulo coast, live. After discovering the gestation quintuplets, the couple had to change the whole routine to take care of the children, who are now nine months and consume alarming numbers of diapers and milk every day.

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Quintuple Santos

Treatment to get pregnant

The curious family history began when Karina, after many attempts to get pregnant, discovered that he had a problem in the womb. According to her husband, in an exclusive interview with Bolsa de Mulher, the inner wall of the body was very thin, frame preventing the implantation of fertilized ova.

Longing to a child to complete the family, Karina submitted to a hormonal treatment to reverse the situation. Three months later, a happy surprise: positive for pregnancy.

The news, however, was even more intense when the first ultrasound, parents were told that would not be parents of a baby only but three.

But it was the realization of the second test they were genuinely surprised when the doctor, scared, said he could identify five fetuses. "It was a total shock, my, Karina and the doctor. He had not made the first examination. So when it was quiet, as I began to think what had happened the worst. But in fact, it was all because there were two more"Says the father of the babies.

At this time, John tells it took to assimilate the information and be able to imagine how the couple's life from that moment.


quintuplets ultrasoundCredit: Playback / FantásticoPrograma Fantastic accompanied pregnancy quintuplets exclusively to birth babies

As you might imagine, Karina and John did not live the months of pregnancy quietly. And this does not account for the mother's health and quintuplets, who were great. But rather because they ran into trouble finding a team that make available to monitor the case. "The doctor who was doing prenatal them at one point gave up because he said he did not feel safe. So, we run long after another specialist. When we find a hospital that would accept our condition on the day of preventive detention, they gave up. , Again, not knowing what to do"He explains.

The output, as has his father, went to the health plan and ask for a statement. The company then sent the couple to the Sepaco Hospital in Sao Paulo, where the preventive detention was finally effected. "We internamos in March, but only for her to be under constant monitoring. There was no problem with them"He says.

To fully accompany his wife, John gave up his job as a sales promoter. With the time spent interned together, the couple was researching about pregnancy condition and exactly why the father realized she was safe. "Doctors always passed on all the risks involving the situation. But I believed in very successful because as soon as I found that it was five, I started researching enough to understand the case", account.

Birth of quintuplets

quintuple birthCredit: Personal Archive / Mom and BabyTodos babies were born healthy, but were in the ICU to gain weight

According to John, the intention of the doctors was to bring the pregnancy to 32 weeks (8 months), gestational age at which babies would be minimally ripe for life outside the womb. But the forecast changed when some tests detected a problem in the transport of oxygen to one of the fetuses. Thus, the birth was early. "The tests began to be made on Thursday and on Sunday night, the doctor warned that the cesarean would be made on Monday morning to prevent one of the fetuses were harmed"He explains.

On April 13, 2015, Arthur, Gabriela, Giulia, Laish, and Melissa were born. Healthy, small were taken to the ICU only for the heart and lung development was completed. "They had no problem, just stayed in the ICU to finish the development and gain weight. How each reacted in a way, the high happened gradually", account. Surgery was acompanhanda exclusively by the Fantastic, of TV Globo, and the birth took three minutes.

In August finally all returned to the house, in the São Paulo coast.

Caring for babies: Routine

quintuple routineCredit: Personal Archive / Mom and BabyPara the care of the small family has help the grandmother and other relatives

But although the pregnancy has required special care, which really needs attention is the hectic routine that the family takes.

Imagine five babies need to feed, bathe and receive affection and attention? For it is being designed and life of Karina and John. "The hospital is all done every three hours and we try to keep this routine at home. Today, they wake up at about the same time and then you start the sequence: diaper changing, bottle gives, puts to sleep. After three hours it starts again"He explains.

But with the growth of quintuplets, the routine will have to be adapted. Now parents are the last midnight care cycle. After that, they just wake up around nine o'clock in the morning.

To account for all the jobs, John remain jobless, Karina is cleared by INSS and the couple also has the help of daily maternal grandmother. The father relaxes saying, weekends, every visitor that appears responsible any function. "If someone comes home for the weekend, we immediately put to work. It has too much to do anything"He jokes.

But while it may seem all outlined, the father says that there are times when patience is tested. "They are babies, then there's no way. There are times that turns crazy. The five start crying at the same time. When the day ends, we're on the ground so tired", account.

But what is there more room for love and admiration of the evolution of small. One of the factors that makes the parents drooling are the peculiarities of each baby. Even twins, John tells Arthur, Gabriela, Giulia, Laish, and Melissa are completely different in relation to behavior. "These differences are legal. They are children of the same size, with the same age, but quite different. The boy is more quiet. He mama and sleep. Only cries when he is hungry or dirty diaper. Already the girls vary widely. One is sweeter, another is well bravinha and the other two hottest. It has something for everyone"He says.

And even after nearly a year, the father says that sometimes confuses even the little ones. "On the day we hit the eye and know who is who. But it is normal to be confused, especially if you are in someone else's lap"He says.

Breastfeeding quintuplets

According to the father, Karina breastfed for 4 months. But unfortunately, the routine did not allow the mother to continue to offer breast milk. "When the baby suckles at the breast, he has no exact time to finish. And as we needed some time to sleep and wake up, only left with bottles"He explains.

Today, in addition to cuteness, what draws attention is the amount of milk and the babies diaper use.

Amount of milk

Between baby food and fruit per day, five rounds of bottles, resulting in 25 per day and 750 per month. There, each breast 250 ml, resulting in more than six liters per day and at the end of the month, more than 185 liters.

Number of diapers

Already the diaper changed happen, on average, eight times a day, resulting in 40 units per day and up to 1,200 per month.

Donations to quintuplets

quintuple donationsCredit: Personal Archive / Mom and Babya family, although stocked materials, still needs specific donations

The family, from who discovered gravidez Quality oftntuplos, created a Facebook page to receive donations. "At the time we gained enough items and therefore, we can store up to today. So we have something we do not need, but some do", Explains John.

Donations continue to be received by the page's Quintuplets arrived and, to avoid waste, the parents explain that the best way to contribute is by contacting to see which are the momentary needs.

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