Pimples and blackheads in babies: know when it’s serious

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Noticed some little marks in skin of newborn they appear to be carnations or pimples? It may be just that! Often these problems arise between the third and fourth weeks of the child's life, especially on the cheeks and chin. But you need not worry too much, since, in general, little marks disappear within six months.

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according to the dermatologist Fernando Passos de Freitas, the neonatal acne arises due to genetic predisposition, after being released maternal hormones during pregnancy and postpartum stage. "This type of framework causes the appearance of pimples and blackheads small. Normally, the nails are black or white and spines are red and they can easily disappear"Says the expert.

As the case is not serious and does not cause scarring, it is not advisable to try any kind of intervention, such as squeeze. "Mothers also should not use oils or ointments to treat acne on the baby, these products may aggravate the skin condition", Guides Freitas, indicating when the case can worry.

"Only if the spine is inflamed and troubling is that may require treatment. In such cases, to take care of baby's skin, look for a specialist who can indicate the use of creams based on benzoyl peroxide or retinoic acid, at low concentrations".

Keep the daily care can help to soften the bones, such as washing the face of the newborn once or twice a day with specific moisturizing soap for babies and dry thoroughly.

Acne after three months

Acnes that arise during the first 30 days of life drink They present with more intensity than it may appear after the third month of life. The kind that reaches the children older is due to the clogging of the follicle caused by excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, which can manifest as pimples and blackheads on the face or back.

"If bubbles appear, pimples with pus, the baby should be examined to discover causes, which can be several, including viral herpes. A dermatologist can prescribe mild medications that alleviate the problem"Guides the doctor Fernando Passos de Freitas.

Acne in children under 8 years

Pimples can also occur in children under 8 years. In this case it is indicated to look for a dermatologist to unravel the causes, which can be hormonal problems. In this case, acne is also less persistent and resolves equal to neonatal acne.

But the treatment is very different than when the little marks arise in babies. In some children the procedures vary from hormone replacement to use products that reduce thickening of the skin. As adolescents, treatment of infantile acne involves cleaning and daily skin care.

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