handmade soaps decorated

handmade soaps decoratedBeatriz Piovesan / Batanga

Learn to do handmade soaps decorated It can be a great way to make money with crafts. See below how to do this step Craftsman step by Peter Paiva that can be sold or even serve as a different idea for gifting.

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  • 500 g of white glycerin
  • 30 ml of lauryl
  • 30 ml of rose essence
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • pink and gold coloring

Step by step:

To learn how to do this handmade soap decorated it is necessary to melt all the white glycerin and hope she gets well melted to add the essence and lauryl. Remove some of the liquid droplets and some of the dye.

In the remainder of place the teaspoon of cream of tartar and stir well out of the fire to make it a more creamy mass. Put a little on forminha the base and so dry add the white part at the top.

Take the rest of the glycerin and place in the heart of molds to make crafts decoration. When almost hard place close to the soap and secure to leave along with other details.

Tips for making handmade soap

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