Applications for pregnant: Top 5 Apps friends of pregnancy

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Mobile Apps They can help in many areas of life and it is no different for pregnant women. Some little programs when installed on the device, may assist in the monitoring of pregnancy. To help you choose which to use, we recommend the top 5 that will make life easier for pregnant in that period. Check it!

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I'm Pregnant - With comprehensive content, it has power tips for pregnant women, daily monitoring of humor, energy and appetite of the expectant mother, in addition to tips on baby names, indicate physical exercises and more. Devices with Android system can download for free, but there is only an English version.

Pregnancy Week by Week - As its name implies, the iPhone app indicates, through the cell, all the baby's development week by week, while pointing out the main changes in the pregnant woman's body at each stage. Free.

Mommacise - It's great to help keep fit during pregnancy. Despite being in English, it is easy to use app. Indicating the time of pregnancy, the program suggests the best exercises for your pregnancy period. After birth it can also help by teaching a capable training to get back into shape. It must be paid and is available for iPhone.

Pregnancy Calculator - This app is available for Android measures the time of pregnancy. Future Mom complete the date of conception and, from that, the little program indicates how much time is likely to give childbirth, indicating days, hours, minutes and even seconds. Free.

Contraction Master - It is especially useful for women who have normal delivery. The app helps to do away with doubts about contractions indicating when they begin and how long they last with simple touches on the screen. It must be paid and is available for iPhone.

Future moms can follow the development of the baby by phone (Credit: Thinkstock)

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