5 homemade recipes that make the hair grow faster and avoid falling

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The functional juices, as well as shakes, can be great allies to avoid some hair problems, helping to improve the texture, strengthen, promote growth wires, in addition to preventing dandruff and fall. The nutritionist Andrea Santa Rosa teaches some recipes.

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Juice to strengthen the hair

Crash watercress, spinach, fennel, apple, cucumber and burdock tincture. "The burdock tincture is a powerful ingredient that decreases hair loss, dandruff and itching. Vitamin K in dark leafy greens help prevent weakening and maintain healthy hair overall"He says.homemade recipe hair grow faster 2 0Thinkstock

Another recipe is to beat wheatgrass, cucumber, spinach, almonds and apples. "Wheat grass contains protein, vitamin E and other nutrients that can help repair dry hair, brittle or damaged. Pantothenic acid in the cucumber and beta-carotene in spinach will promote the development of healthy hair. Almonds are rich in natural biotin, a strengthening that will leave them less likely to break wires".

Shake hair grow

Crash oat milk, coconut pulp, green tea, pumpkin seed, walnut, kiwi, pineapple, acai, sarsaparilla root, horsetail root, Korean ginseng, wheat grass, vanilla bean. "Fantastic mineral silica will promote hair growth and increase white blood cells, which, in turn, make stronger bones and teeth by increasing calcium absorption"He says.

Crash carrot, apple and ginger. "Ginger has stimulating qualities and can accelerate hair growth. Traditionally ginger has also been used to protect and condition the hair, reduce dandruff and prevent loss".

Juice to prevent hair loss

Crash carrots, beets, parsley, cucumber and orange. "The cucumber is rich in silica mineral that will strengthen the hair fibers and combined with orange, parsley beet and provides a great help of vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties that prevent hair loss", ensures.

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