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For those who are in doubt whether to use combing cream or leave-in, let's get this matter of very didactic way: while the former helps to pack up and untangle the hair, the other is more used to discipline the wires.

For it is much less oily, a leave-in can be used, for example, the completion of a brush. But the cream is not for this purpose, being more suitable for hydration and post-hydration.

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WHAT TYPES OF HAIR IS BENEFITED BY TWO PRODUCTS? - The expert Sheila Bellotti, of Hair Center Sheila Bellotti in Rio, states that, although we are accustomed to the leave-in name, cosmetology calls the product of leave-on (above), as the substance is not introduced on the wire. "In general, leave-on are best used in frizzy or chemically treated hair. But new proposals have these products with a light formulation, non-greasy, which runs to more thin and fragile hair. A good example is the antifrizz ointments or traditonal".

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WHAT IS THE RIGHT TIME TO LEAVE MORE-IN USE OR cream to comb? - Eduardo Barbosa, the Magic Studio in São Paulo, says: usually the leave-in serves to end a brush. But the cream should not be used for this function, for being too oily. The ideal is to apply the latter in hydration procedures or after hydration. For Wagner Lisbon, Ophicina Hair in Rio, the products have the same utility as it does not suffer rinse: "I recommend the use of leave-in always after using the conditioner. But the cream is intended to maintain a perfect conditioning of wires for longer, allowing greater durability to treatments".


WHAT CRITERIA MUST BE FOLLOWED BEFORE CHOOSING THE LEAVE-IN OR cream to comb? - Who has the very oily, straight hair should opt for the leave-in, which is lighter and leaves little viscosity as guides Glecciano Light, Space Glecciano Light, Rio Wagner Lisboa is more democratic:. "The leave-in is suitable for all types of yarn, but is more suitable for dry". Glecciano adds: "Usually the cream to comb is best used by those who have curly hair. Being heavier and consistent, the product helps to better lay the wires, leaving the more harmonious visual".


WHEN TWO CAN BE USED AT THE SAME TIME? - Sheila Bellotti explains: "You can use both, since the person choose a product that provides the penteabildade without damaging the fiber, and a leave-on that protects against damage from UVA and UVB rays, or as color protection". Remembering, of course, it is important not to exaggerate in the amounts of each. Eduardo Barbosa, the Magic Studio in São Paulo, disagrees: "These two products can never be used together. The leave-in has termoativa function, unlike cream. The two together will leave very oily hair, which damages the wires".

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MATTERS OF VITAMINS PARTICIPATION INTEGRATED THESE CREAMS? - Yes. Vitamin A helps in the production of melanin and keratin; giving strength and vitality, favoring the growth and structure. The revitalized and B5 tones wires, making them more resistant; C assists in the absorption of other vitamins and leaves the hair with a higher pH, which contributes to the closing of the scales and gives more resistance to the protective cuticle. "Vitamin E is an antioxidant and the ceramides are the glue that holds the upright yarns and coat the structure as a shield, preventing split ends"Concludes Marrichi. Dermatus offers The Ilumifly - Leave On Conditioner Lotion (R $ 38.60). Composed of amino acids of keratin and wheat proteins, it was developed to give extra shine to the hair, helping to untangle the wires and protect them from external aggressions. The conditioning is done without rinsing and the product is indicated for hair damaged by too much sun, sea water and chlorine from the pool.

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BEST USE THE CREAMS AND LEAVE-IN HAIR IN DRY, DAMP OR WET? - Peterson Marrichi, the São Paulo Hall Ritz guides: for better absorption and distribution, apply to damp hair. "Today in the market there are even products that can be used in dry strands, usually in the form of spray", Reminds the expert. Eduardo Barbosa ponders: "Never make treatment with wet hair regularly because over time the touch of cream and leave-in with the scalp can cause it to rot. Outside with wet hair does not get the effect that the products they propose to produce".

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- THAT USE DAMAGES IN EXCESS OF LEAVE-IN AND styling creams CAN BRING? - Eduardo Barbosa, Studio Magic reveals that excessive use of the two products brings risks to the hair, such as dandruff, clogging the hair bulb, which can cause hair loss increases, seborrhea etc. "If this happens, look for a specialized professional for treatment. Do not sleep with excess product, especially if you have curly hair, because with time the contact of the excessive cream on the scalp can lead to serious disorders"Warns Barbosa.

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