How to cut the fringe alone at home without leaving it crooked: step by step

2014 09 Giovanna AntonelliPress Release / Globe

For those tired of the straight cut and want to give grace to hair without giving up the long, well-cut fringe is the best way out. Always in fashion, the shorter wires in front of his face give air of sensuality and mystery. The cut is simple and easy to do. Following the beauty stylist Luciano Boy, Joe&Boy Academy, teaches cut bangs at home and no mistake!

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Choose the type of fringe according to your face shape

Cut straight bangs or peaked step by step

First step

For cut straight bangs, dry hair smooth forward, preferably with brush.

Second step

Stand straight in front of the mirror and tilt your head down, about 45 degrees.

Third step

Divide the hair in the middle.

Fourth step

Count three fingers from the forehead and mark a point in the division.

step five

From that point create a straight line to the tip of the right eyebrow and do likewise on the other side.

step six

Now we have a triangle.

The amount of hair varies according to the volume you want to give the fringe. (Image: Thinkstock)

seventh step

After all fringe is separated into triangle, stand in front of the mirror and keep the well head straight.

eighth step

Gather hair all of this triangle in the center.

ninth step

Cut horizontally and slowly below the eye line.

First cut below the eye line. (Image: Thinkstock)


Set the fringe at the height you want, cutting horizontally. If you want leave fringe peaked and lighter, make small cuts with the scissors vertically on the fringe tips.

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