Five best treatments for stretch marks

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Many women abhor cellulite and try to get rid of holes in every way. It seems that there is nothing worse when it comes to beauty, but for the vast majority of girls, yes there: the stretch marks! When so feared risquinhos arise in the skin, despair is imminent and the big question is: how to end them ?!

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Not everything is lost! Some treatments for stria They are able to end them, or in some advanced cases, at least soften the marks. If you also want to get rid of this evil, we talked to the doctor Cristiano Ribeiro Velasco, head of the Laser and Dermatology Center Hospital Daher, and it indicates the top five methods to exterminate this powerful enemy!

Fractional radio frequency - It is considered the gold standard today in the treatment of stretch marks in Europe. This new technology uses electricity through Radio Frequency Subablativa Fractional. The energy can penetrate more smoothly and deeply into the skin, working on the renovation to the dermis without damaging either the surface, as in the case of some lasers. Thus lowers the relief groove and leaves the skin with a smoother and firmer. Being electricity leading from one pole to another, can be used on all skin types, regardless of the presence of melanin, which does not happen with lasers depending on the skin type (brown to black) are at increased risk of staining skin. Presents excellent results, reaching sometimes up to 90% efficiency with very low risk of complications, and the same when they occur, they are fleeting. The treatment ranges from three to five sessions, being held once a month. Contraindicated for pregnant women. The results begin to be seen from the second session.

Moisturizers with retinoic acid are important to generate collagen and prevent stretch marks (Credits: Shutterstock)

Fractional CO2 Laser Ablative - The use of laser can be given in both phases of the groove: both reddish, as white. In the case of the red phase, it causes closing of the blood vessels of small size and stimulates collagen production in the area, giving more natural appearance to the skin and decreasing the size of stretch marks. When already in phase whitish, it also acts in the formation of collagen, but now approaching the edges of the groove and filling the same. The CO2 laser causes evaporation area where applied as if they were multi-needle into the skin, and these microdots are eliminated by the body, which in this area produces new colageneses (collagen production), thus helping to soften the ridges which help to make them much less evident. Contraindications CO2 lasers: pregnant women, people on isotretinoin with herpes activity, sensitivity to light with patients (eg those with lupus and pemphigus), patients on immunosuppressive treatment (such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy), suspicious pigmented lesion and with a history of healing problems (formation of keloids and hyperpigmentation, making more frequent last darkening of the area). As the laser co2 can cause changes in pigmentation, it is contraindicated the use also for patients with higher skin types, ie, with dark brown or black skin. The amount of sessions is variable and usually takes about five sessions, which can be monthly. The degree of patient satisfaction goes from fair to good. When the laser is associated with other therapies, such as acid-based creams, this result becomes enhanced and the chance of success is greatly increased.

Subcision - What is done is the separation of the skin tissue in the affected area from the deeper groove tissue with a needle therein. Thus, the blood cells and clotting and healing within the affected area, causing a new lesion healing to level and leave more homogenous with the rest of the skin area. It must be associated with other techniques for improved efficiency. There is a risk of hyperpigmentation (darkening of the area), having to later deal with it. Once the skin is stabilized, additional treatments may also be used. It should be done in one to three sessions, which should not be repeated in less than two months on the same skin area.

Microdermabrasion or peeling Crystal - This treatment has the function to eliminate the superficial layer of the skin in a gentle way, thereby leading to regeneration of the cell region. The skin is abraded with aluminum oxide crystals. Adjunct in the treatment of stretch marks, with poor results when used alone. If the professional performing the procedure over point can leave a mark in the area, so it's important to look good doctors. The number of sessions varies, but it is customary to carry out monthly for five months.

Creams with moisturizing and acids such as retinoic - It is the most effective treatment, but it can help to complete important in the treatment, as it helps in moisturizing and makes the skin is renewed more quickly, stimulating the production of new collagen. Treatment with creams is time consuming and the results are perceived after nearly a year of use.

How come the stretch marks? This and other questions are answered in the video, watch!

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