Blonde women should avoid lipstick shades and brown earth very

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There are more appropriate lipstick colors for every skin tone, but it does not mean that it is necessary to always hold it. There may be a balance, but for this, one must know how to choose what looks good, to further highlight your lips and leave the makeup even more amazing!

Keeping the pretty mouth is also key. "It is important to exfoliate, so leave those 'pelinhas' that accumulates with continued use of the lip moisturizer and then look moisturize. Sleeping with liquid Bepantol is great"Says makeup artist Raphaella Bahia, the Longevitá clinic in Rio de Janeiro.

At the time of makeup, a strong lipstick not necessarily asking that the makeup is too strong. You can use with a make over clean, with lighter eyes, and a mouth super dark. "It is wonderful, all can join"He says. "I suggest using a pencil to outline the lips and then fill it with lipstick of your choice. The pencil is good for "to draw" mouth, lipstick is more beautiful and helps to last longer. Another tip for the lipstick lasts all night is the use of a primer, which makes all the difference."

The make-up artist gives some tips that will help you hit the color. Check it:

Women blonde and pale skin should opt for shades like yellow, orange, red, pink and lilac, and avoid very earth and brown tones.

light skin, dark hair women can use red and brown open. Orange is not advisable.

dark-skinned women look good with darker shades like terracotta and brown, and nothing very open, like orange, red, etc.

Mulatto and black women look great with lipsticks in shades of wine, but should avoid very open colors.

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