Fairies and stepmothers, a real tale

Educate your own child is already complicated to guess at other people's life is worse now participate in the education of children of others is a task for super love! This paper simply be the "father's wife" It is very disgraceful for those who actually is full of good will to be helpful and pleasant ... that terrible phrase: "this is my stepmother".... is a punch in the stomach !!

Worldwide there are horror stories of stepmothers. It's always a scary character, full of envy and evil. But is it always like this? And if the stepmother gives a fairy? Who are the fairies? Why not try to turn us into character tales?

On top of the fantastic characters hierarchy reigns fairy. The word comes from the Latin term FATA, representing deities of hell, the fate of human rulers. These weavers of human destiny, according to German traditions of the eighteenth century, representing midwives, whose powers are ambiguous, as they can give life or death through all their energy and warmth to the final moment when the child is freed from the tutelage of adults.

Fairies have the function to transmit the respect of rites that they pass on to children as stories of accountants. They are guardians of time and memory. They are often associated with important stages of life, such as baptism, the passage from childhood to adolescence, and finally to adulthood. Fairies are bright and beautiful, with bright clothes, soft faces, delicate gestures and use extraordinary means of transportation, such as clouds, beautiful horses, always at the speed of light so dismantling the notion of time and place.

The magical characters can also be harmful, as the witch who invites the children to come into your lovely home of biscuits and sweets. It is presented as a sweet grandmother, which then reveals a devourer of children she fattening in the cage! (I imagine that you do not want one of those, right ?!)

Child or adolescent is the hero character who dominates the fairy tale, and is the center of family situation. Most fantastic tales reports a change in the family structure, which is built, changes, breaks to finish creating a new one. This is to say that every story reports a case of family, or any family affair can be a fairy tale ... In many stories, the parents abandon their children, eat them, feel threatened by them (the White stepmother Snow is the best example). But in life we ​​simple humans can try to value our side Fairy, both live with the children how to seduce our loved ones.

Ah! There are also fairy cooking recipes ... These are for next time ...

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