flour biscuit is snack for fitness muses. Find out if it’s good and how to eat

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Muses fitness as Gabriela Pugliesi have stated in their social networks are adept of flour biscuit consumption. Sometimes we hear that the food is great for weight loss, because it is levinho and has few calories, but you say that the cookie is actually greasy and is bad for your health. But ultimately, what is the truth?

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flour biscuit fattening or lose weight?

To answer these questions, we must first understand what the starch composition. "The starch is extracted amylaceous product of cassava. According to its acid content, it will be classified into sweet flour or Sprinkles sour"Explains nutritionist Tamara Rocha, CM Space Nutrition.

biscuit manioc flour flour textThinkstockO biscuit flour is derived from manioc starch

According to professional, low biscuit calorie flour traditional, that most common, can be a trap: this number is not the only factor to be taken into account on a diet to reduce or maintain weight. "It is necessary, in addition to calories, assess the quality of ingredients and food as a whole, because the body also needs to be well nourished to burn calories efficiently"Explains Tamara.

Traditional flour cookie is a classic example of food with empty calories - that is, despite low in calories, it has no nutrients, vitamins or minerals. "Because it is a light biscuit and gives the impression of not 'fill' a lot, it's easy to spend the recommended consumption - and, in excess, it can indeed end up getting fat"Says nutritionist. The starch of the flour is derived from a simple carbohydrate - those that provide quick energy for the body, but do not satisfy long and are enemies diet, because it has a low content of fibers and proteins.

It has a lot of sodium?

Despite being a "Wind biscuit", Light and do not overload the digestion, Tamara is a warning in relation to one of the greatest villains of health: sodium, which in the cookie flour is present in high concentration. "Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) released a survey showing that a 100 grams of flour traditional biscuit package has more than half of the entire amount of sodium a person should consume throughout the day". Sodium can be a negative influence to those who have fluid retention problems or high blood pressure. If nothing else, the high consumption of the substance may contribute to the occurrence of some chronic diseases. The most common are diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems and hypertension. "Ideally, therefore, it is that the consumption is moderate and well nutritionally oriented"Says Tamara.

How to not get fat?

Tamara says that in the case of biscuit flour, the rule of moderation must also be applied if you do not want to gain too much weight. "Since the person is well guided in relation to the product that will buy and the right way to consume, the cookie can be a good ally in weight loss diets, as an optional intermediate snacks, especially for people who had the habit of eating snacks between the meals"He says. This, incidentally, is one of the great strengths of flour biscuit.

Tape metric biscuit flourThinkstockPara dieters, one of the hardest things is to let go of goodies. The cookie fit flour would be an option

"One of the biggest problems in weight reduction diets are just not able to eat the fatty things usual as sandwich cookies, chocolate and candy, for example. The sugar of these foods creates a real addiction: one can not starve, but is looking forward to not being able to eat what she wants, and ends up suffering and abandoning the diet"Explains nutritionist. "One solution would be to offer healthy options and that help to decrease gradually the "addiction" by sugar". The flour biscuit comes in as one of these options, which could give a "sated psychological". When properly oriented, the person can enter the cookie in your eating plan without compromising it".

Weight loss with flour biscuit possible?

However, it is no cookie flour thinning. Currently, there are several options on the market, and what will determine if food is an ally or enemy of the diet are the ingredients and how to prepare.

"Therefore, it is important to opt for healthier alternatives already exist, and that its use is alternated with other options of snacks such as fruit, oil and yogurt, for example, that will have important nutrients for proper functioning of the body", Explains the nutritionist.

biscuit flour gabriela pugliesi textPlayback / InstagramGabriela Pugliesi consumes the version without lactose and zero fat flour biscuit, brand Daltony

The biscuit flour can be found in baked or fried versions. There are also full options, no milk, no trans fat, no flour, diet and light, among other variations. These healthier options are available in health food stores and some supermarkets.

But what is the best option to lose weight? According to Tamara, it depends on each specific case, but the ideal is to opt for Polvilho Baked Biscuit, gluten, and especially that the full text: ie, higher fiber content. "They are very great allies in the weight loss and health of your gut. Help reduce gastric emptying time, because they release energy gradually, and consequently longer quench"He explains.

Some ingredients rich in fiber that can be added to the cookie composition are flaxseed, quinoa and oats.

How much can I eat without getting fat?

"In the healthy version, the more general guideline is that no more than 20 units, but this must be assessed in each specific case"Explains Tamara.

how to consume

The biscuit flour should never replace a meal, but be included in the meal plan as intermediaries snacks. Tamara gave some options consumption, considering the healthier food options:

  • 20 biscuit units of flour + 1 lemon juice without sugar
  • 10 units biscuit flour + 1 yogurt cup
  • 6 cracker units of flour + 1 banana without sugar
  • 10 units biscuit flour + 2 chestnuts

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