Restoring antique furniture

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Need to renew the decoration of the house, but is not willing to spend much money? The trick is to put your hands dirty and reuse the furniture that are already there. Renew the furniture with some Techniques for restoring mobile It is an economical way to change the look of the home and make everything more modern.

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Restoring furniture

The easiest way to restoring wooden furniture is sand the old varnish and perfect the new finish. The rustic style, which focuses on a simple and low-gloss look is requested at the time.


  • Sanding wood # 120
  • steelwool
  • Wood wax
  • Wood Stain
  • Brush
  • soft cloths

Way of doing

Start by sanding all wood piece to remove the old finish. Then pass the steel wool on the structure, removing spots and imperfections in the timber. Remove the excess powder and then apply the wax with a soft cloth. When dry, pass a lacquer coat the workpiece with the brush. The next day, use a cloth with a little furniture polish to shine at wood furniture.

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