Women of racism on the web target: Ludmilla is new victim of haters

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Ludmilla used his Instagram account on the last weekend to show racist attacks which has been suffering and ask for help from the authorities to identify who is the author of the comments.

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The post shared by Ludmilla (@ludmilla) on May 22, 2016 at 8:17 pm PDT

According to the singer, this is not the first time this man attacks. Ludmilla came to block the boy, but he insists offend her in other profiles. In print, you can see that he called "criola nojeta" and "monkey".

Any authority can help me identify this man ???? It is not the first time he does it, has even blocked him, but he keeps talking about these things in other instas around ������������������������������������������������ that hatred, just want justice ���������� anything that I'm going through ��

The post shared by Ludmilla (@ludmilla) on May 22, 2016 at 8:17 pm PDT

In the legend of the outburst, the singer says she wants justice and that, in this case, go to the end. In an interview with the Globo news site G1, the artistic manager of Ludmilla Alexandre Baptestini said it will record occurrence on Monday (23) in the Bureau of Suppression of Information Technology Crimes (DRCI), in Benfica, in north of Rio de Janeiro.

Alexander says funkeira was upset and cried to see that again be offended by the same man.

racist abuse

Adélia Soares

adeliaPaulo Belote / TV GloboAdélia says that the next people spoke to her not enter the social networks after the BBB because it was already being attacked

This is not the first time that an artist is a victim of racism. In April, former BBB Adelia said he began receiving attacks after entering the reality show.

"What bothered me were the insults, slander, called me a monkey, spoke for me to go wash the bathroom, the racial prejudice It was very clear", remembered.

Adelia, who is a lawyer, sought specialized police on cyber crime and filed a complaint on 29 April.

Global actresses and journalist Maria Julia Coutinho were also recently offended in their profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

Cris Vianna

cris viannaPlayback / Facebook actress Cris Vianna was attacked after changing your profile picture on Facebook

Cris received dozens of racist comments after posting a picture of himself on Instagram. It was called the "monkey", "Hedgehog", " bombril"Among other insults. In response to insults, she said to be proud of the color of their skin, their hair and their origin.

Sheron Menezzes

Despicable racists no use into my page and write nonsense, insults and aggression as they will have to swallow me and so many other black people in our country! I had expected this after what they did with my friends and colleagues, so I want to tell them to leave the front with their envy, because we are going with our wonderful hair, with our gorgeous color, our beauty, our education and our intelligence. No use putting a monkey mask on my face or trying to offend me because it does not strike me! I was trained as a child, and I know my value! But reaches millions of people in Brazil suffering such discrimination every day! And it is for them that I decided to speak out. Take appropriate action. They'd better take their masks and reveal publicly, as if they do not the Federal Police will. One by one they will attack and one by one you will be identified. Racism and intolerance have killed and continue to kill thousands of people, and those who practice this crime should go to his place, the chain.

The post shared by Sheron Menezzes (@sheronmenezzes) on Dec 6, 2015 at 6:32 PM PST

Sheron also decided to vote after being the victim of biased comments. She wrote an inspiring outburst and said it would take appropriate action.

Taís Araújo

tais araujo 0taisdeverdade / InstagramAtriz said the release of suspected racist comments

In November 2015, the victim was the Taís Araújo actress. At the time, it turned to the police station to give evidence and file a police report.

In late March, three suspects have promoted racist attacks against Thais were arrested in Santa Catarina, Bahia and Sao Paulo. They were released a few days later and will respond in freedom for crimes of racism, racial slander and conspiracy and may be sentenced up to 12 years in prison.

Maria Julia Coutinho

maju3(Play / Globo) Maju received the support of his fellow journalists and blurted live

Since the attacks on journalist Maria Julia Coutinho were made on the website of Jornal Nacional news program where Maju presents the weather forecast. Among the comments posted on the page were: "I do not drink coffee so as not to be intimate with black", "black only goes to school when she is under construction" and "just got a job in the newspaper by quotas".

On the day of the incident, journalists William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos started the #SomosTodosMaju campaign and the journalist used part of the program to acknowledge the support and vent.

Racism is a crime

Racism is a non-bailable and imprescriptible crime in Brazil. All the above cases can be classified as racial slur since they are offenses to honor someone based on elements related to race and color.

How to report?

To report, just dial 156 and then select option 7 (Official information portal of the Brazilian Government)

# Seráqueéracismo: campaign with racial prejudice complaint viraliza

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