How to Clean pool

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The pools greatly enhance the recreational area of ​​any property, and enjoys it without fear, cleaning and maintenance It must be constant. For your pool always quite clean and ready for use, here are some tips.

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Tips to make the pool clean

Treating Water

THE water must be treated correctly so that the constant change is not required. The most important is to keep the ph balanced the water, thus avoiding the appearance of fungi, algae and slime.

In shops selling products for swimming pools you will find many that do the chemical balance of the water. You must always check the alkalinity and acidity and correct when necessary.

Follow the dosage instructions and safety precautions listed on the product label. Use rubber gloves and goggles, wash clothes and hands immediately after handling chemicals.

General maintenance

If there is constant use of the pool, cleaning should be weekly. Start by testing the pH of the water. Then scrub the pool walls by removing the accumulation of dirt, grease and slime. Use cleaners, brushes and vacuum cleaners recommended by the pool manufacturer. Aspire background and a network remove the dirt that is on the water surface. Finally, clean the pool filter.

Even doing weekly maintenance after certain situations, the cleaning should be done immediately: Very heavy rains or storms, more swimmers than usual, murky water, water with bad smell, eyes burning into the water or algae growth.

In periods of little use Ideally, you keep your pool closed and regularly go making the chemical balance of the water.

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