Young squeezes spine and finds serious infection caused by eyebrow pencil

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A publication of the American Katie Wright about a "spine" weird viralizou social media to draw attention to a seemingly simple question, but it can affect the lives of many people that do not dispense a good makeup.

"Spine" It was much more serious problem

The 21 year old, from the city of Austin, Texas (USA), made an astonishing account of the all pleasant situation experienced after trying to squeeze what appeared to be a giant subcutaneous spine, just above your left eyebrow.

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"A week ago, I decided to squeeze what I thought was a giant pimple under my skin, because I was hurting for a while and was very painful to ignore. In an hour, my whole face swelled up and hurt a lot. It seemed that something would come out through my skin, "begins the text.

Katie says that was rushing to the hospital and there received the startling diagnosis: she had a severe infectious cellulitis, a disease mainly caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and reaches the deeper tissues of the skin.

To have affected a part of her face, the girl was warned by doctors that was in danger of going blind - if the disease has spread to your eyes or brain. Although serious, Katie received proper treatment and the problem receded, causing his face back to normal.

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Inadequate hygiene makeup was the cause

Almost recovered, the girl explained that he decided to share his personal experience to make an important warning to others. That's because, according to her, the scary disease was transmitted by an eyebrow pencil contaminated.

Katie, who is fond of makeup, says it was always adept at cleaning of its products, but never imagined that a pencil could merely result in such a serious problem. Therefore, the young guides that include all the object in routine cleaning of make-up. "It's a little attitude to avoid a painful infection, expensive and traumatic in your face," he warns.

After the episode, the girl came to create a crowdfunding campaign on the Internet to cover treatment costs. On page created by Katie, the goal is to accumulate 4200 US dollars that go directly to the hospital who took care of you.

What is infectious cellulite?

More common than it seems, infectious cellulite is often confused with a simple spine, because the first symptom that cause is the emergence of a red hot lump in the skin, that even looks like a spine.

"Infectious Cellulitis is an infection in adipose (fat) tissue below the skin tissue and it spreads quickly and is considered very serious. After diagnosis, the patient should be hospitalized immediately to start intravenous medications, "says dermatologist Mônica Aribi, member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

According to the doctor, the disease is common in patients with entry channels in the skin, such as animal bites, acne and wounds in general. Excessive use of bushings, sanding and own nails to scratch the skin, can also facilitate the contamination.

Caused by bacteria present on the skin, the problem causes swelling, redness and increased temperature at the infection site. If left untreated, still causes high fever and can lead to death.

According to the dermatologist, the main treatment in these cases is an intravenous antibiotic, for, as the infection spreads rapidly, often the antibiotic by mouth can not act accordingly. "It is also recommended complete rest and plenty of hydration," he adds.

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How to avoid?

Unlike what was done by Katie, the Brazilian dermatologist says you should never squeeze such "spine" that arises in infection. This is because, rather than expel, the bacteria end up going deeper into the skin.

"In fact, the main tip is to look for a dermatologist in any skin situation, not self-medicate and do not poke anything that has appeared on the skin by simple it is," East Monica.

Kate says that the cause was the makeup product for the eyebrows, and the doctor confirms that it is even possible that it was. The expert says that every product used on the skin should be changed or cleaned monthly, minimum. "The makeup sponges are objects that accumulate many bacteria and should be avoided. Prefer brushes because they are easier to sanitize. Clean or replace once a month, and avoid using makeup and applicators borrowed "instructs.

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