Games for two years babies: 5 fun games that help in the development

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At two years, the child has already developed good communication notions of movement and has energy to spare. To stimulate growth and physical and intellectual improvement, and, of course, entertain the little ones is important for parents to play and create fun times. Check out five simple tricks to do with their children at home.

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Games for children



Make big balls using old paper and is for the child throw. You can have a competition with her to see who can throw the ball farther. Then, when the child get used to the game, place a basket or large box and ask her to try to hit the ball.

Besides entertaining the baby for a long time, the game helps develop the strength of arms, coordination and sense of space and distance.

One for each

Offer a dick objects to the child (can be balls, game pieces, pencils or crayons, for example) and ask him to distribute between you two also putting in front of one and the other. When she used to, you can put a person more or a doll and ask for the child to divide into three.

The game enhances the concept of number and quantity, as well as introducing the idea of ​​sharing, the idea of ​​equality and solidarity.


Distribute the ground a few small rugs or pieces of E.V.A as if forming a track and combine with the child who is only allowed to walk down that road. To make the most fun game, you can pretend that the ground is a lake and you can not drop it.

The activity helps develop balance, the sense of distance and space. It is noteworthy that it is important that you test the way first to make sure there is no danger of the child slipping.


teacher says

Give simple instructions to the child, always showing the movement as "the master had put his hand on the belly", "the master sent clap", "the master sent to grimace", among others.

The game helps to develop the sense of observation, attention to command and obedience. Over time, you can stop making the move prior to exercise the child's memory.

Hot and cold

Hide a toy somewhere in the easily accessible home and ask the child to look. Walk behind her saying if it's hot or cold as she approaches the target. Intensify expressions when it is reaching the object, saying something like "it's burning". With this activity, you work the notion of space and reasoning.

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