007: Who is the best James Bond of all time?

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James Bond is one. So there is much discussion about Who was the best actor who played the secret agent most famous of the big screen.

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To date, six actors have been privileged to be in the shoes of anthological character created by Ian Fleming. However, only one can effectively answer the question: Who is the real Bond? Check it:# 6 George Lazenby

Not that the Australian is a bad actor, but considering that George Lazenby only did the film "007: The Secret Service of His Majesty" (1969) on Bond skin, his presence was little memorable.# 5 Pierce Brosnan

A whole generation grew up watching the Irish actor on the skin of the famous secret agent. However, his films are more 'showy' that full of action, with 'fashions' and curious technological devices. Brosnan was also ahead of some of the worst films of the saga, as "007: Die Another Day" (2002).# 4 Roger Moore

Although it has made seven films as James Bond, Roger Moore was not as memorable as the other actors, perhaps take a performance very 'correct'. Still, there are good movies with Moore, as "007: In Mira of the Assassins" (1985).# 3 Timothy Dalton

Dalton made only two films in the franchise, but it was the best actor who approached the profile created by Fleming. It has versatility and, on the one hand is not as womanizing as the other actors They showed, on the other was in charge of unbridled and provocative actions.# 2 Daniel Craig

Although much criticized at first, Daniel Craig was benefited by the great plots of 007 built from "Casino Royale", which marked his debut as James Bond in 2006. Its size and stature go against the stereotype of the character, but the human side that Craig gave Bond is impactful and only improves each film.# 1 Sean Connery

Each actor may represent a new approach of James Bond, but It is almost consensus that Sean Connery remains the most iconic spy Fleming. The first Bond came to be invited in 1971, after the failure of Lazenby. In 1983, she starred "007 Never Say Never Again", which is not as good as the classics, but served as honorable farewell to Connery as Bond.

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