Meet two techniques that make the polish last for more than 15 days

techniques enamel last longerBolsa de Mulher

A common enameling lasts about seven days on the nails. From this period, the enamel begins to peel, lose luster, yellow and even fade. To keep perfect nails always, you need to visit a manicure every week - which is not always possible. But today, there are ways to prevent this wear occurs so quickly and do enamel last longer. Two such techniques are the protective film and the gel nail enamel.

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Guard nails

The protector Nail enamel film remains intact for two weeks, while preserving the brightness and preventing dryness. The product comes in two versions: transparent tips, which should be applied only at the tips of the nails to avoid the enamel peeling and are imperceptible, and films with nail art, which, in addition to protect, decorate nails and guarantee the same durability.

The material is resistant to water, soap and friction and comes off easily with acetone or nail polish remover. The pack with 24 transparent tips or 12 films with nail art goes for $ 7 and can be purchased through the Protector Nail site.

To apply:

Credit: Bolsa de Mulher

The procedure should be done on the nails already made after the glaze dry. Place the transparent sticker on the tip of the nail. Press and not to form air bubbles or wrinkles. In the case of film with nail art, apply over the entire nail.

Credit: Bolsa de Mulher

Using a stick with cotton soaked in acetone or nail polish remover, clean the sides, removing excess film.

Credit: Bolsa de Mulher

To stop and fix the product, apply a top coat layer on the entire nail.

Enamel perfect for 15 days (Credit: Bolsa de Mulher)

Nail gel

It is a long lasting enamel remains intact the natural nail for up to three weeks without losing brightness or color. The procedure should only be done by professionals who have gone through the training. Moreover, the LED requires a glaze cabin to dry, so the application and the removal can only be done in the salon.

The price varies according to the location, but overall, the application of gel glaze costs double or triple glazing common value (around 50 R5).

gel polish application (Credit: Bolsa de Mulher)

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