Videos of blackheads and pimples giants are successful on the web: disgusting or addictive?

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You feel a sense of cleanliness, and even a certain pleasure in seeing nails being squeezed? You are not alone. The latest craze is the internet "popping", Videos showing blackheads and pimples being squeezed. The movement has to an exponent: the American dermatologist Sandra Lee, whose channel on YouTube already has more than 100,000 subscribers.

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The videos show the dermatologist from simple facials to surgical procedures in which really large blackheads are removed with a scalpel and forceps help. The scenes surrendered to the title of doctor "pimple Popper"The extraction of blackheads, in free translation.

Do you think the new disgusting habit or at least interesting? If you identified with the last option, take a look at the following videos.

Videos of blackheads and pimples being squeezed

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