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His name is common or different? You wont find many namesakes? It is now possible to know the exact number of people who have the same name as you, thanks to a tool created by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

As of 2010 Census data, the tool shows how many people have the same name all over the country. The query can also be made by state or city and also shows a timeline indicating the periods when each was more high. The names can be written in different ways, like Anna / Anna, or that may or may not have accents, they were considered equal.

The tool helps to satisfy the curiosity of many people regarding their names, but also worth as an idea for those who want to choose a name for the future children and is in doubt. The list below shows some of the most common:

female names

Common names womenWavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

Maria - 11,734,129 people

Bruna - 463,548 people

Camila - 471,559 people

Tatiana - 142,916 people

Mariana - 383,387 people

Natalia - 335,326 people

Amanda - 466,432 people

Ana - 3,089,858 people

Lais - 131,361 people

Beatriz - 356,351 people

Vanessa - 418,838 people

male names

Common names menRiccardo Piccinini / Shutterstock

John - 2,984,119 people

Antonio - 2,576,348 people

Paul - 1,423,262 people

Victor - 242,154 people

Pedro - 1,219,605 people

Caio - 227,778 people

James - 495 211 people

Felipe - 621,460 people

Carlos - 1,489,191 people

Ricardo - 469,703 people

Eduardo - 632,664 people

Unusual names

If your name is not on that list, you can refer directly to the IBGE website. If he does not appear on the site, it is because there are fewer than 20 people in Brazil with the same name.

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