Actor who made the Pedrinho the “site” appeared in “New World.” Did you notice?

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The first seasons of the latest version of "Yellow Woodpecker site"Aired on Globo between 2001 and 2002 were the most striking of the children's series. Emilia, Narizinho and Pedrinho were immortalized by child actors Isabelle Drummond, Lara Rodrigues and César Cardadeiro - who still continue in the arts.

César Cardadeiro "New World"

Recalling the time worked together, César Cardadeiro Isabelle Drummond joined the cast of "New world"Novel six in the Globe, after spending 11 years out of novels. Did you ever notice? At 27, the actor appeared in quite different TV as it was when small: with a beard and wearing a hat.

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The first Cardadeiro scene in "New World" aired on Thursday, June 8. In the novel, the actor will give life to Hugo Proença, a young man who will travel to Rio de Janeiro in search of new opportunities and start working in the tavern Germaine (Vivianne Pasmanter) and Lycurgus (Guilherme Piva).

I present to you Hugo Proença! I recorded my first scene in @novomundotd this second. I did the scene with Marcia Cabrita, was very pleasant and is always a learning work alongside great actors like her. I'm very happy, love acting !!! . . . . Here's a link of matter in it you can learn more about Hugo: Cardadeiro-back-the-tv-as-hugo-again-mundo.ghtml

The post shared by Cesár Cardadeiro (@cesarcardadeiro) on May 17, 2017 at 4:08 pm PDT

Caesar was away from novels since 2006, when it participated in "Workout". During this period he was out of the spotlight, participated in shows such as "JK" (2006), "Aline" (2008) and "The Brazilian" (2012).

A curiosity is that Cardadeiro is the third actor "Yellow Woodpecker Ranch" in "New World." Besides Isabelle Drummond, Dhu Moraes (Aunt Nastasya) also in the cast of the soap opera of the six. Can we wait for a scene starring the three?

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