Twins: care tips in pregnancy and the creation of babies

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THE twin pregnancy is considered at high risk for the mother and for both fetuses and therefore requires a prenatal proper and rigorous, with diet control, prevention of anemia and pre-eclampsia, premature birth, among others.

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Risks of twin pregnancy

According to the gynecologist and obstetrician Sergio Kobayashi, a specialist in Fetal Medicine High Excellence Diagnostics, the main problems that may arise in twin pregnancy are: hyperemesis (uncontrollable vomiting), miscarriage, prematurity, anemia, urinary tract infection, polyhydramnios (increased amniotic fluid) , premature rupture of membranes (premature rupture of membranes), low placental, placental abruption, intrauterine growth restriction, and intrauterine death.

"It is very important the role of the obstetrician will advise on the health care and physical and emotional integrity of women from the prenatal period until the postpartum period, as well as promote health and well-being of babies before and after birth"He says.

Ever after birth of twins, there is no magic recipe. The woman must have a lot of patience, motivation and time available to take care of babies.


Breastfeeding twins

One of the main difficulties faced by those who are mother of twins is the time to feed them. According to the doctor, usually exclusive breastfeeding is not enough for both babies and therefore a food supplement may be necessary. Tracking a pediatrician is important for this and other issues are clarified.

At bath time, the ideal is to be a baby at a time, ensuring the safety first.

Tips for Caring for twins


The difficulties, common in the initial period after the arrival of babies, are transformed into something natural to the extent that the mother gets used to the new routine care. The most important in the process of parenting twins It is to respect the individuality of each one, even while they are still babies.

"I believe that we should not treat the twins as a 'pair of identical vessels. " Face a must have their individuality respected. Because they can be very similar, but not identical, identical. Handle all be individual features is really very difficult, it is a great daily exercise how to create and raise children", ends.

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