Instagram the Lívian Aragão have Photoshop? Compare photos

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Lívian Aragão It has caused a stir in social networks. The daughter of Renato Aragão caused buzz on the web after posting photos on his Instagram appears where rail thin. The fuss was even greater when pictures emerged comparing the photos published by it with others, that would be true and show Livian with a few extra pounds.

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Livian photo on Instagram and busted paparazzi (Credits: Playback / Instagram and Agnews)

The most talked image shows Livian with her boyfriend, with sculptural body and little waist to envy in a Justinho dress the body. But the actress herself published another picture, next to the father, with the same look, clearly more plump than in the photo controversy. The difference generated comments from various social network users, criticizing the changes in the images.

"Ugly is not having extra pounds, but less neurons", Said one of the angry comments. According to the followers of Livian, the photos were edited in Photoshop before being published.

Also in the famous Instagram there are publications where it appears with clearer eyes than their originals, in relaxed poses and grimacing.

Body Livian

Recent photos of Lívian Aragão events (Credits: Agnews)

After the end of the recordings of global novel Caribbean Flower, in which he served, Livian said he did not much care with beauty. "Wash my face, hydrate the skin, hydrate the hair, going to the salon. I think a little waste of time going to the salon. Once a week is fine"Said in late 2013 in an interview with Ego.

Now the body, she said it does not abandon the exercise and walking treadmill every day for one hour. We also practice soccer and volleyball twice a week.

Photos of Lívian Aragão on Instagram

See the gallery photos published by Lívian Aragão in your social network. You think it's Photoshop?

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