Fringe Claudia Leitte is easy to copy at home; step by step to cut alone

ocrtar fringe claudia leittePlayback / Instagram Claudia Leitte

The singer Claudia Leitte caught the attention of fans to adopt a bangs short, which first aired on The Voice, TV Globo. also called Bardot fringe (inspired by the haircut used by actress Brigitte Bardot), style leaves the super delicate and feminine look, with a very retro air. And the best: it is easy to make at home.

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How to cut short fringe: walkthrough

The technique to cut this fringe is very simple and basically consists of twisting the front of the hair and pass the scissors, which will leave more short one center and the longest side. In his YouTube channel, the blogger Lu Ferraes taught to make the cut and peal the tips at home. Check it.

cut bangs at homePlay Youtube / Lu Ferraes

Divide the fringe in two parallel strands (one over the other) and first cut the top strand: twist and cut hair at about the height of the nose.

cut bangs at home 2Play Youtube / Lu Ferraes

Play the wick cut to the sides and repeat the process with the bottom strand. Cut at about the height of the cheekbones.

cut bangs at home 3Play Youtube / Lu Ferraes

To give a more beautiful finishing, cutting back the lower wick with scissors vertically.

cut bangs at home 4Play Youtube / Lu Ferraes

To unravel the ends, pass a razor blade vertically.

Watch the complete tutorial:

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