Blood in the stool: What can be?

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It may not look very nice, but look at your poop before giving the discharge is an important act of care with the body. That's because it gives evidence of the health status of different parts of your digestive system, such as colon, rectum and stomach up. Between the stool characteristics it should be noted, the presence of blood is one of the most important. The following is what she can say.

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Red blood in the stool

The coloproctologista Fábio Guilherme Campos, president of the Brazilian Society of Coloproctology, explains that when bleeding occurs with bright red blood, dripping on the toilet after a bowel movement, it is usually caused by hemorrhoids or anal fissure. These diseases can also manifest only with bleeding on the toilet paper.

"Pain is a very common symptom of anal fissures, which are the lower body injuries that can result in severe pain"Explains the expert. "Hemorrhoids can burn, causing itching, moisture and anal irritation, pain if any thrombi".

Bleeding accompanied by hard stools

Blood in fecesthinkstockO blood in the stool may come from different parts of the digestive system.

When a person is constipated, and is with hard stool evacuation causes the trauma site pain and bleeding. This bleeding is usually small and appears only on paper. If this picture of hard stools repeat often, the person may develop an acute anal fissure, or even become chronic fissure. "Every person who makes a lot of effort to evacuate should modify your diet to eat more fiber, drink more, in addition to exercise and pay attention to the functioning of the intestine"Recommended Fabio.

type of bleeding melena

Ulcers in the stomach or duodenum can cause bleeding that will manifest as melena caused by black stools, dark and smelly. "This is because the blood is mixed to the stool in the upper digestive tract and to be eliminated by the right acquires these characteristics after covering the entire intestine"Explains coloproctologista. Diseases of the small intestine and the large intestine starting part can also possibly cause melena.

Stools with blood and mucus

Benign and malignant intestinal tumors usually cause bleeding blending the feces, often accompanied by abdominal pain, alteration of bowel habits, weight loss and mucus. People with rectal cancer may have sense of local weight and frequent need to evacuate, without being able to.

Blood in the stool 3Blood more thinkstockO "live" indicates hemorrhoids and fissures, while the darker shade is a sign of intestinal bleeding or higher.

If you experience these symptoms, seek medical attention coloproctologista, professional trained to evaluate you and diagnose or rule out the hypothesis of cancer.

fecal occult blood

In some cases, blood may not be visible in the stool. This happens when the bleeding is at the beginning of the intestine and is not abundant. Possible causes are diverticular disease, bowel cancer, intestinal polyps, vascular disease, radiation injury, among others.

My poop is blood, what should I do?

The first step is to find a coloproctologista to investigate the cause of the bleeding. Treatment depends on the cause. Diseases such as hemorrhoids and fissures are most often treated with ointments, suppositories and sitz baths. In some cases it is necessary to perform surgical treatment, especially when the hemorrhoids will reappear or when symptoms do not respond to medical treatment.

If the cause of bleeding is a tumor, treatment changes from person to person. Fábio Guilherme points out that nowadays many tumors can be cured, especially when diagnosed early, allowing endoscopic treatments or even surgical less complex.

If you notice a lot of blood clots or with the feces, if any dizziness, loss of consciousness, tachycardia or blood pressure drop, immediately seek emergency room.

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