7 reasons why Anitta and Camila Cabello make a song together

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There are some musical partnerships which are a dream for several reasons. One is the Anitta and Camila Cabello. It would be the perfect mix of funk and other Brazilian rhythms with Latin pop Fifth Hamorny, Camila group which is a part.

The two have exchanged messages through social networks, but the most recent was clear. Anitta, in a presentation of the Show Poderosinhas, geared for children, made a cover of the song "Work From Home", Success of Fifth Harmony. Camila saw a video of the Brazilian singer and praised on Twitter, calling it "Brazilian sister".

The last album the group gringo, "7/27", Was the most successful worldwide, and here Anitta is also the queen of pop, and be taking the first steps in international career.

We think high and we list seven reasons why the two make a song together. For now!

Anitta and Camila Cabello

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