Platinum blonde: 5 care Juju Salimeni to keep hydrated and shiny wires

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Who has the hair dyed blonde You know how it is difficult to maintain beautiful and healthy wires. In addition to care for blonde do not fade, is necessary to give extra attention to hydration of locks, which are ressacadas with the dye and eventually develop split ends, frizz, wire breakage and other problems.

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"I have to deal with in every wash. You can not overlook, because the blonde is very complicated. Once it breaks, a lot more work to recover"Says Juju Salimeni, dyeing the yarn for years and is always with the super-hydrated and glossy tresses.

The stagehand revealed his main care to be always with the flawless hair and indicated the preferred brands:

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"At home, replaced by the conditioner treatment mask almost all washes and leave act for some minutinhos."

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"I hydration in the salon once a week."

juju salimeni hair treatment 3reproduction

"When I wash at home, use only good marks. I love the shampoo and conditioner Smooth, Redken. They moisturize enough, are a delight."

juju salimeni hair treatment 4reproduction

"I also like the Mythic Oil line, L'Oreal, and Kérastase brand."

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"The mask 3 minutes from Aussie [3 Minute Miracle] is wonderful. Hydrates and is very superbaratinha."

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