Baby choking: what to do?

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Ana Flora Toledo

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Baby coughing, with apparent urge to vomit, unable to cry or emitting strange sounds may be choked up. The situation is not difficult to happen, as the small can choke with the mother while breast milk itself, with saliva or any small object that leads to the mouth.

We must be attentive to the signs and, if the child is really choking, it is essential to remain calm to be able to help. "The mother should try to stay quiet while you take the right steps (check below) to help the baby desengasgar. Never rush to ask for help and leave you alone if you do not have someone at home. If you have someone yell and ask for help", Guides the pediatrician Hospital and Maternity Santa Joana Dr. Vera Fieldman Ramalho Valverde.

One way to prevent choking with milk is always at breastfeeding, positioning the child with the highest head. If the baby choke too, repeatedly in short time, the pediatrician should investigate what happens.

As desengasgar baby

The baby should be placed face down with the head lower than the rest of the body. For this, the mother should hold him down, keeping the forearm under his belly and using his hand to support the head and neck.

With the other hand take firm pat, but not too hard, on the back of the baby to relieve it. Stop as soon as the child back to cry or when you realize that he's breathing well.

If the baby does not desengasgar, ask someone for help and take him to the nearest emergency room.

right position and light patting the baby's back can help desengasgar (Credits: Shutterstock)

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