7 handmade pillows to sell

handmade pillows to sell 05Batanga Media

Invest in your own business to make an extra income. Crafts are always a great choice to start. Check out 7 different options handmade pillows to sell.

colored cushion

Using striped fabric, learn how to make a colorful cushion that has three ends. It is unique and easy to do.

droplet pad

Bet on children's crafts to boost sales. The droplet pad is simple to make and can be sold for twice the price it was made.

Cushion-shaped cupcake

Do handicrafts in different and creative formats, learn how to make a pillow-shaped cupcake.

round cushion

In a few steps, learn how to make a round cushion for decorating the environment. This craft can be done with a patterned fabric, it is also beautiful.

Pad mouth shape

To decorate the girl's room, you can bet on a different craft. Learn step by step how to make a pillow in mouth shape.

Owl Cushion

For those who want to do crafts in pets formats, bet on a simple owl pad.

triangular pad

Make different formats accessories to draw attention, the triangular pad is easy to do and takes a few materials.

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