Autozoação: Glória Pires enters the wave and launches shirts with memes itself

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Gloria Pires did not miss going on the wave of funny comments and memes about his participation in the 2016 Oscar broadcast After facing the butt of jokes for your answers short and uninformative about the films that competed for awards, she decided to create t-shirts printed with their own sentences. The models were created for the brand that bears his name, Bemglô, and are sold in online store.

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Gloria Pires at the Oscars

Widely criticized by Internet users during the presentation of the Oscars on TV Globo, the actress has undergone several mounts and memes that portrayed as "lost"Little informed about the films nominated for the award and despondent during the presentation of Hollywood event. She participated in the transmission alongside the journalists Maria Beltrão and Artur Xexéo.

In response to this hubbub, she published a video on their official Facebook page explaining that he had assisted "the most movies" and it was there as if he were taking part in a chat between friends.

"I stood there giving my opinion as if you were in my home, with my friends."

T-shirts with actress phrases

Two days after all the controversy, Gloria announced that it would sell patterned shirts with expressions so criticized in its own brand, Bemglô.
In the description of the site, the brand is defined as a shop that turns "Gloria and all who share our philosophy for relevant content and quality products experience". In addition to shirts, they are sold household items, cosmetics, jewelry and even products for pets.

Announcing the new shirts on his Facebook page, Gloria said he was "entering the wave".

There are 6 models of male and female shirts made of cotton. The prints take three phrases with a hashtag below.

The shirts are priced at $ 29.90 (plus shipping) and are sold in white and black colors.

See the models:

I am not able to opine #Sinceridade

shirt eunaosoucapazmascBemglôCamiseta has female and male model

I enjoyed, nice #objetividade

shirt eucurtibacanafemBemglôModelo has funny phrase Gloria Pires

I'm bad #sinceridade forecasts

shirt souruimdeprevisoesfemBemglô"'m bad forecasts" also turned meme at the Oscars 2016

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