Why 52 people will be “locked” in the house of BBB with Fernanda Gentil?

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The edition 2017 of the BBB may already be over, but the most watched house of Brazil still has one more event to host during this year! We are talking about "hackathon Globe"Programming marathon promoted by the station that confine 52 geeks between 13 and 14 May.

Under the command of the presenter Fernanda Gentil, participants will be confined to the site for 33 hours - and will use this period to develop and build a prototype of an innovative solution for the future of production and distribution of content in journalism, sports and entertainment.

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Hackathon marathon

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The 52 contestants chosen for the 3rd edition of the Hackathon have expertise in various areas such as mobile, artificial intelligence, big data and software engineering. They will be divided into 13 groups of four members each. From 9 am on 13 May, Saturday until the night of May 14, Sunday, they will have a few hours to develop a solution for the future of production and distribution of content.

To help them in this difficult task, in the opening of the event, a technology fair will be available, where they can choose resources for use in their projects. Among the equipment there are cameras, microphones, 3D printer, virtual reality glasses, sensors that turn gestures into commands to connected devices, a device that captures the electrical activity of the brain and transformed into commands, electronic boards, among others.

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Presenter of time, Fernanda Gentil visit participants during the busy weekend and run, all to show the public what happens in the house. As for the presentations of the projects will be made to a panel composed of six people, who will evaluate criteria such as applicability, innovation, creativity and usability.

The group show that the best solution will win a trip to Silicon Valley in California, including airfare and lodging. Second place will get tickets for the Rock in Rio 2017, while the third invoice voucher a hosting applications in the cloud.

This year Hackathon received 2,160 registrations, a record of three editions. Among those selected, there are representatives of 11 states and the Federal District, with Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the record-breaking number of participants. Some competitors from 2015 and 2016 will also be present in the house, but as mentors.

The 3rd edition of the "Hackathon Globe" will be broadcast live from the house of the BBB via streaming all through the G1 website.

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