Itching and “pinicamento” the skin after training may be signs of allergy: Understand

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red, irritated, itchy and stinging right after training should not be considered normal and may be related to an allergy frame. The discomfort is usually the result of two very common reasons: sweat and air conditioning.

Allergy own sweat causes itching

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You can not be suspicious, but his own sweat may be the cause of itchy skin after the exercise.

The reaction occurs because of the production of an antibody called IgE, a protein directed secretion, which can occur with or without elevated body temperature. In this case, the allergy presents small lesions or rashes that itch.

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The mechanism that causes a person to be allergic to sweat itself probably has a genetic root and can appear at any stage of life, is more common in persons already allergic. Antiperspirant use, light clothes that allow the breath and body moisturizer in the most prone to sweat regions are attitudes that help to prevent irritation.

Air conditioning the gym can cause allergy

Present and essential in all gyms, air conditioning, when it goes through constant maintenance, can cause respiratory problems, and also the itching and skin irritation.

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Continuous exposure to air unit removes the natural humidity of the environment, which impairs the lubrication of skin. Dry, it can suffer from flaking that causes itching in various parts of the body, especially the face, hands and legs.

Places with air conditioning can be as harmful as polluted environments for people suffering from allergy or atopic dermatitis, an inflammatory disease characterized by severe itching and skin lesions. In most cases the condition gives the first signs during childhood, can also occur in adulthood.

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