5 fruits to eat for breakfast that control hunger and improve mood

Breakfast 5

Fruits that control hunger


Bananas contain potassium, fibers and tryptophan. This mixture is a real magic formula for the morning, while potassium and fiber to help curb hunger, tryptophan works by activating hormones that promote well-being. The only caveat to be made is that it is a fruit with lots of calories (About 90 units).


Pineapple is tasty and also fruit rich in fiber; which means that the body takes longer to make the digestion and consequently feel hungry.


The apple is a fruit that helps you lose weight, it is rich in fibers and ursolic acid. The first component helps to keep the body sated, while the second increases the burning of calories. To consume it, you can also add honey and cinnamon.


Lemon is a antioxidant fruit and detergent, able to regulate the body. Consume it in juice in the morning is a good idea to hydrate the body and even stave off cravings for sweets - as his azedinho flavor inhibits these impulses.


Avocado, and rich in vitamins and minerals, is a fruit that helps regulate bowel thanks to the amount of fiber in their composition. Despite slow hunger and contain good fats, we need attention because it is a calorie food.

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