father types: “pave father,” “mimimi” and more. Find your between 9

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There are plenty of features that characterize the parents and make them unique and very special. Their ways, styles and personalities directly influence your life and your way of being, but you know what kind of father you have? We made an animated short list that may help find out which one it fits (or more than one, who knows?"). Check out and join the fun.

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Father "mimimi" - It is the father who loves to play the victim (fairly presented feature also among mothers). He complains all the time, says he does everything by itself, you can not count on anyone. At times also do that "mimimi" Basic saying is abandoned and no one gives it for granted - even if, deep down, he knows how much he is loved.

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Father "pave" - is rolling one Sunday lunch with all the family, he comes to dessert and his father thinks it will be great idea to make that classic joke: "It 'trifle' or 'Pacome'?". This kind of father also usually always repeating the same jokes and phrases in all family gatherings - and the amazing thing is that always can boot your laughter.

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Inventor Father - His father is one of those who loves to invent toys and gadgets? If yes, certainly they never lacked funny jokes in its infancy. I had no ball? It was only a half join, or knead some newspapers. I had no idea what to do? Soon that empty box became a fast cart and the afternoon was saved.

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Father "Yes-man" - All you do is amazing. From an early age, those first terrible gibberish that said nothing, they were like a work of art to it. And today, he probably believe that you are the best professional in the world at what he does. But that's okay, because it sure is reciprocal and you also think that he is the best in the world in his father's profession.

5 father amuletThinkstock

Father Amulet - is the typical protective father, who always defended you with nails and teeth and rid you of any problem that you needed. For some more serious problem in high school, until that flying cockroach that always appeared in the bathroom.

6 old fashioned fatherThinkstock

Father Divan - No matter the situation, this kind of father always knows how to give the best advice. It helps you make better decisions. It helps to think about the best choice since college, to the name of your child when you get his turn to be the best grandpa.

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old-fashioned father - is authoritarian. His point of view is the only one worth. Since you were little he imposed obedience and respect. It is almost impossible to put something in your head and make him change his mind, he is the owner of the piece and very temperamental. But no less loved.

8 repellent fatherThinkstock

repellent father - never a man could get close to you if you were his father. He is jealous and did not take well her first boyfriend. To this day, it still makes a face when you know you're getting involved with someone. After all, you are and will always be the little girl to him and nobody else.

9 father gru

Father "Gru" - Have you seen that movie "Despicable Me"? The Gru character is the face of this father, angry, always scowling, it looks kind of evil to an outsider. But he has the biggest heart in the world and melts whenever they see you.

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