5 things to do today and be less stressed forever

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Working too much, sleeping less and other habits that make you stressed stir your mood mainly because they alter the body's hormones levels. While cortisol rises, predisposing diseases such as obesity, endorphins, which cause well-being, come down. The good news is that some simple actions, and even fun, help balance hormones, reduce stress and make you happier. Meet below.

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Change the way you start the day
In the rush of day to day, you skip breakfast and runs out without even waking up right. How about getting out of bed a little earlier, have a good breakfast and do things that you like at the beginning of the day? It can take a relaxing bath, make a pretty good makeup or listening to music that you like very much. In other words: invest early in pleasurable activities.

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Create opportunities for laughter
Instead of watching a drama movie, why not a comedy? It is also worth taking five minutes to chat with that fun friend or watch a funny video on YouTube. Some studies show that a good laugh helps regulate the levels of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline (stress-related).

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Take a tea
According to a study at University College London (England), take black tea helps control the hormone cortisol levels. Just do not overdo it, because this beverage contains large amounts of caffeine, which can steal your sleep and in very high quantities, to cause cardiac arrhythmias.

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Divert the thought of concern
Keep in mind concerns raises cortisol levels and make you more stressed. Try singing a song, reading a book or be distracted in any way when the cause of stress appear in your mind off time.

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Sleep well
On the one hand stress disrupts sleep, on the other the lack of sleep has a direct impact on mood. To stop this vicious cycle, avoid stressful thoughts when lying and, whenever possible, how much sleep your body ask.

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