20 sign of the characteristics of twins: good truths (some not so)

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Who is Gemini does actually two minds. This seeming battle of personalities is often the result of a conflict between emotion and intellect. There is often a disconnect in most air signs between introspection and reality. Read below other characteristics of who is Gemini.

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Truths about who is Gemini

1. Represents the sign of mobility and communication. Talking about the same thing for hours and hours or hold it in one place are things that irritate the Gemini.

2. At the same time, it is also very adaptable, versatile and fun. Detests very conservative speeches, trying to control their natural urge to action.

3. He loves to be around people, and solitude does not suit you. In addition to irritate more easily, you can let her sad and depressed.

4. The Gemini is not the least bit introspective and often like to expose. Try not to let her expose your opinion. Despite talk much, does not like to be contradicted.

5. Anxiety and impulsive words are frequent in the life of someone's twins, as well as a sudden change of opinion and mood.

6. It takes to understand the emotions of others and even themselves, since it is used to dealing with the rational and inquire about everything.

7. The Gemini wants to do several things at once and gets lost easily.

8. However, it has agility, versatility and curiosity. It is a shrewd professional who quickly captures the information and has great ease of expression.

9. Speech and relates very naturally. All you need is activities that provide flow for all your curiosity, desire for movement and talent.

10. It is also particular about the partnership, prioritizes active and intelligent companion, otherwise tires.

11. Usually collecting partners because of the difficulty in establishing more lasting relationships. He likes to be free and do not want to be pressed.

12. People of this sign likes to talk, telling and listening to stories. Also, you can not feel trapped in the relationship, or feel you can "Go and come" without charges.

13. Nothing attracts more a native of this sign than smart people and good conversation, with light and interesting conversations. In addition, like to question about everything.

14. discreet regarding your life and your emotions, so do not like to expose their personal issues.

15. It has common mood variations and must be free to open gradually.

16. However, as this is the sign of communication and curiosity, if you just know the Gemini, will ever notice how good conversationalist.

17. Taste for amazing kisses is characteristic of Gemini to get along with people a Leo, Gemini, Taurus and Libra.

18. Your lucky day is Wednesday.

19. She loves innovate, see new places and experience different foods. There is a sense that if something new has to be discovered, she is willing and available to do so.

20. It is a great friend. Essentially, this is the key to attracting, approaching or keep someone from Gemini: friendship.

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