Benefits of crystal therapy

Benefits of crystal therapy

Therapy with crystals is an alternative medicine slopes of in practice since ancient times. And it has gained increased popularity.

It is proposed to help with the physical, emotional and spiritual, and healing. According to tantric texts, there are a number of points on the body from which flow our psychic forces. They are called "chakra points. There are different hypotheses about the actual number (seven is the most common) and location of the points. In therapy crystals, crystals and appropriate energy can be placed at specific points in the body chakra, in order to energize and purify. It is basically that the "curator" use the concentration of energy through a crystal that expands and drives to the body part being treated with intent to cure. This requires a lot of practice and focus.

It is crucial choosing the right crystal for treatments encompassing almost every type of cure of stomach pain stress. In one example, to treat digestive problems such as pain, heartburn and diarrhea, some yellow stones, mainly iron pyrite, can be highly beneficial. According to the holistic guidance, yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is just above the stomach. blocked chakras, it is believed, can be a cause for the disease, so using the stones that are associated with the plexus chakra can release the energy that flows well, easing the affliction.

It is not necessary, however, the stones match the chakra to be useful. A good example is the moonstone, which is a milky white color, and is one of the best stones to balance the energies over all chakras, being beneficial to overall health. This crystal and also indicated to remove the strain and stress, and assists also in relieving heartburn, indigestion and nausea. On the site you can check how best to channel the energy of crystals for healing.

It is important to clean the crystals before each attempt to use it to cure whatever problem. For negative absorb part of the energy of the disease, and also store the last purpose for which they were used. One should eliminate negative energy and previous programming for proper use. Some cleaning methods take hours and can be done in several ways. Rinse the stones in cold water, current, and leave them in the sun to dry for a few hours can clear negative emotions. One can also let the crystals in a container filled with sea salt for 24 hours. The salt will absorb negativity. Some supporters of this practice use the smoke of the incense to clean the crystals. When the crystals are clean and are programmed, they are ready for use. Put them on the affected parts of the body or chakra points, to regulate the flow of energy

Crystal therapy is generally considered safe for most people, but it should not be used as a single treatment.

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