inflamed ear: what to do?

inflamed ear earring allergy

Many women suffer every time you decide to use metal earrings. Just put them and the lobe immediately starts to burn and itch, resulting in ears inflamed. The problem may be caused by a allergy to the material of the earrings.

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This sensitivity of the ears, according to dermatologist Márcia Grieco, the Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital Complex, it may take years to manifest, but once that happens, it's forever.

What causes inflammation in the ear

"The human body develop specific antibodies and creates a 'memory'. Therefore, there is no medicine that blocks the process. Allergy-based steroids or other substances may be prescribed, since the clinical picture is installed. And after the crisis it is important to avoid the use of objects that trigger reaction"He explains.

Allergy symptoms to earrings

The dermatologist also says that allergies to metals mainly happens due to the presence mainly of nickel, which gives luster to jewelry. "The most common symptoms of reaction are itching, swelling, local redness and sometimes the emergence of a watery discharge with foul odor"He says.

So the best solution is avoid using metal earrings or material that triggers the allergic process. These trinkets can be replaced by products such as acrylic, wood, gold and silver.

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