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Plunge into the world of cleaning clothes really it is not a very exciting subject, but we all have our days washerwoman! If you have also made some disasters in the laundry sector - how to dye pink panties husband and children of high school shirts - start paying attention to hang tags, products and other utensils.

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To begin, read the advice written on the labels, because they explain how to wash the fabric according to the material of which it is made. These explanations were tested in the laboratory, thus giving a guarantee of security. Before you start it is important to separate the clothes: on one side the colorful clothes and the other the bright clothes. Check the temperature with which these clothes should be washed as very hot water spoils the fabric.

THE colored clothing It is washed with a specific soap for colorful clothes, sometimes it's good to turn inside out clothing to preserve the colors. This tip also prevents premature wear of the right side of the fabric.

Unbutton shirts and close the zippers. Check the pockets and close the velcro. Turn inside out velvet clothes and jeans. If you are in doubt, use your machine program delicates. For example, if you have clothes to be washed at 40 ° and 60 ° others to choose the program to clothing to 40 °! Sets should be washed always together to prevent parts have a color difference. Do not overfill the machine. To get a good result it is important that the clothes can move inside.

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The wool coats They require special care: wash very gently, remove the machine, wrap in a towel and rinse very little. A good tip for delicates It is to place them in a pillow case. To wash by hand, choose a liquid soap and do not overdo the dose! Avoid clothes long sauce. Also avoid rinse and wring the clothes, because it breaks the fabric fibers. Never leave a wool clothes or sauce silk. If you want to wash large items such as blankets, put a couple of tennis balls in the machine, they will hit the clothing!

Test the strength of the colors! If you have any doubt whether a fades clothing or not, a small part of wet clothes, the inner seam for example, place a white cloth over and iron. If you have faded a bit, wash clothes by hand in cold water. If clothing has faded a lot is better to take to the dry cleaner to be dry washed.

Soaking: a very dirty clothes may need to be soaked before being placed in the machine. Never put a bunch of clothes in hot water! Put some clothes to soap in the bottom of the bowl, add water and make sure the soap is well dissolved before putting the clothes.

The labels were not made just to give that tickle the neck. Thanks to them we know exactly how to deal with our clothes. Unfortunately they are often full of evil codes that look or that when we look, we do not understand! Follows a small frame to try to help decipher the mysterious code. Good luck!

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