Red nail francesinha decorated with details

Red francesinha coverTwo home

Here's how this Red nail francesinha decorated with beautiful details.

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  • Base preparer color
  • enhancing color coverage
  • Black nail polish, Petal White, Red Lipstick and rosé reflexes, Colorama
  • red rhinestone stones
  • Brush No. 0
  • Boleador
  • Toothpick
  • Cotton
  • Nail polish remover

Step by step:

francesinha vermelha1Two home

Spend a preparer base coat of color, glaze and other Petal White enamel Reflections Rosé. With Red Lipstick enamel, draw a little French at the tip of the nail.

francesinha vermelha2Two home

Mix a drop of enamel Petal White and Black, getting a marbled effect. Using brush No. 0, draw the three flower petals using the mixture.

francesinha vermelha3Two home

With the brush and the Black glaze, create three arabesques.

francesinha vermelha4Two home

Repeat the procedure to produce three arabesques with White Petal.

francesinha vermelha5

Even as Petal White glaze, make small dots next to flower petals; ping one base preparer drop flower color in the center and with boleador, paste a rhinestone red pebble to produce the core.

francesinha vermelha6Two home

Finish with an enhancer cover coat color.

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