Actress who made the Tati in “Tiny Angels”, marries and unites cast in nostalgic photos; Look

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To the delight of fans, the original cast of the soap opera "chiquititas", absolute success of SBT in the 90s, had another reunion. This time the reason was that more special: the actress Ana Olivia Seripieri, who played Tati, married in São Paulo, and received distinguished invited at the ceremony.

cast "chiquititas" at the wedding of Ana Olivia

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In attendance were the actresses Aretha Oliveira (Pata), Francis Helena Cozta (Cris), Mariane Oliva (Marian) and Vivian Nagura (Bel). In social networks, they shared many moments together, proving that friendship built on hard childhood to today.

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Ana only made two novels after "chiquititas"And he ended his career in SBT in 2008. Since then, she graduated in administration and now works in a company, but never anonymous; it is still recognized in the social networks like Tati.

Today I went to see "Little Red Riding Hood In The Value of a Smile" in @teatrocetip with my @aretha_aoliveira and @francishelenacozta !!! I showed a part in there stories! MOMMY, deem a look at why the piece and there is a grace, educational and just have this weekend and the next. I love and Beli! The text of @leo_fuchs is very funny! Cetip Theater Sat and Sun 16h at the Institute Tomio Ohtake.

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Fernanda Souza, the Mili eternal in the novel, was not present at the ceremony, but also came out with the former Tiny Angels weekend. She went to the theater with Aretha and Vivian, who participated in the "Go Fernandinha", Talk show actress in Multishow in 2016. Let there be heart for so many reunions!

see more wedding photos of Ana Olivia:

Does Mari will be the next ??? # Casamentoanaethiago2017 #chiquititas #chiquititasbrasil #chiquiencontro #maisumachiquititacasou

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