Women at the wheel … constant laughter!

If you drive, probably he lived embarrassing situations when passed to the driver's seat. We spoke to three women who today can be considered true you pilot, but he readied much walking with the car around. None of this history that woman at the wheel is a constant danger. Just stories to tell and laugh!

Patricia Teixeira, journalist

On the day I took my first car agency went through a terrible situation. Imagine you with 19 years with only 1 year driver's license, driving out the streets of the neighborhood alone? Never!!! So I asked two friends to go with me get the car you just bought (no parents, I really wanted to show me!).

One of them took the car agency in the neighborhood of Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro), and drove to our faculty, in Meier. In time to leave, I asked again he drove the car, but this time to my house. Another friend told him not to accept, otherwise I would not take courage. I went home alone. I did not do anything stupid until you reach the village where I live. I was already singing victory and went to park the car. Instead of stepping on the brake, I stepped on the gas and ended up running over the little square of the bank that was down the street. Imagine the scene: my new car on the park bench.

Conclusion: my sump guard was destroyed and still had to apologize to the villagers by the broken stool!

Thais Marino, advertising

My mother asked me to go to the bank to pay her bills. Of course, I blackmail would only drive. First time I go out alone driving, grabbed his sunglasses and went, finding myself the most. Arriving at the bank, I had (obviously) to park and looked for a job "easy". After several turns, I found the perfect spot: that you enter from the front. Wonder who is going to park a car alone for the first time, is not it ?! Not so much...

It was really a front seat. But in the wave front had a sidewalk. And that same sidewalk right in front of the place, had a seat for pedestrians. On the bench, an old knitting.

I entered the job. But I went second, fast. I was so nervous I could not find the car's brake and he climbed up on the sidewalk. Lucky pulled the hand brake ... to a lady's foot! I got off the car and shaking was talking to her, I was in shock. At the end, I made that got sick and could not stop the car. I offered to take her to a hospital and, of course, she did not accept. The shame was so great that I went to another bank, farther and easy places to stop. Without elderly around.

Tássia Andrade, statistical

As soon as I took my driver's license I and my then boyfriend decided to go to a motel. He still drove and I, of course, offered to "give a ride". I took the car of my mother - brand new at the time - and we were. I wanted to show myself to him, of course. Needless to say, everything went wrong!

We arrived at the motel and I did not have all this practice to park. Conclusion: I ralei the whole side wall. I have said that the car was new? Of course the motel climate over there, before we get close to doing anything. I entered the room, I just cry and did not do anything!

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