Movie “Uncharted”: 6 players who bet as Nathan Drake

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Following in the footsteps of Tomb Raider, the award-winning franchise Uncharted, Naughty Dog, one of the most successful in the game, and now must also win movie version. An update of MyEtertainmentWeekly site showed that the production would have to start date, director and even defined script.

According to the site, the film should begin shooting later this semester under the direction of Shawn Levy (the "Real Steel") and Joe Carnahan script (from "The Chase"). The story would be based on the first game of the franchise - "Drakes's Fortune" - in which the treasure hunter Nathan Drake believes he has found the way to the legendary city of El Dorado and start your adventure.

Although not yet have confirmed cast, we already have some bets (and preferences) on which actors could play Nathan on screen. Do you agree? Check it.

Nathan Drake in film

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