Ideal size of breast implants need to take into account factors THREE


Women who feel dissatisfied with their breasts to find them have very small in silicone prosthesis an alternative to increase the breasts and self-esteem. Despite being a safe procedure and widely performed, many patients are still insecure with the postoperative period and, especially, with the final size of the breasts. "And if it gets too big? And if I do not like?".

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To end these questions, we took some doubts about the surgery, and explain how to choose the optimal size of the prosthesis to the breasts.

silicone prosthesis: doubts

How to choose the size of the prosthesis to have a natural result?

To set the right size of a prosthesis is necessary to consider the shape of the breasts, and the position of the nipples. The ideal size, one that will look good and not harm the health, should take into consideration the person's anatomy and needs to be decided in a conversation between doctor and patient. The prosthesis was good in his friend of 1.65 m may be exaggerated in case you have 1.50 m, for example. It is important to bear in mind that the prosthesis is suitable that provides a visual harmony between the breasts, chest and body height.

silicone 2ThinkstockO ideal size must respect the proportions of the body

What are the types of prosthesis?

Round: it is the most commonly used prosthesis in Brazil. Her apex coincides with halo, leaving the nipple into evidence.

Anatomical: has similar format to that of a pear. It is widely used in breast reconstruction surgery and is the most suitable for those who have very little breast, ie little tissue to stretch.

Where silicon is placed?

The prosthesis may be placed behind the pectoral muscle (submuscular prosthesis) or behind the mammary gland (Subglandular). The choice depends on the physical structure of every woman and is made after medical evaluation.

Where are the scars?

The scars depend on where the surgeon makes the incision. Some choose to put it underneath, between the chest and breasts, while others put the halo or even the armpit. The size of the scar is the same in all cases, usually about 4 cm.

siliconeThinkstockAs scars are permanent, but are small and discreet

The prosthesis may burst?

The implant bursts only in cases of very strong traumas. In this case, to be allied to protect the lungs and the ribs of the impact. If you go through any difficult situation and suspect that the prosthesis did not hold up, see your doctor.

When should I change the prosthesis?

Current prostheses are extremely technological and durable and can last up to 20 years. Take this question with your doctor before surgery.

How is the post-operative?

The postoperative usually quiet and little painful. The drain is removed two days after surgery, but you need to stand for a few days and avoid straining his arms for a month. strenuous exercise often released only after three months.

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