11 tips to know if you would look good with short hair

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With short wires on the rise, many women die of desire to leave the big hair and adopt more modern cuts. The long bob, for example, not enough to be a short one, but it is a detachment of extremely long wires, to which many famous already joined. But, and the fear of not liking the look after you have already seen the scissors? At the site of the United States About Style, the expert in beauty Julyne Derrick gave tips that will help you whether you would be well short hair.

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Would I look good with short hair?

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Round face: Consider your face shape. Short hair does not necessarily will leave you with a rounder face; just know how to choose the right model. Cut at least two fingers under the chin and escape of chanéis classic that can keep aspect "helmet". The long bob is a great option.

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long Face: better be good at chin level, or slightly below, but with the frayed ends, a grip means "messy". The waves help to widen the face.

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Oval face: you play! oval faces, according Julyne, are the most versatile: this format tends to look great with any kind of short.

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Square face: the idea is to add volume to the top of the head to balance the expression. Julyne says the best bet are the cuts with layers and bangs with the length just below the chin.

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Short neck and broad shoulders: if the idea is to disguise these attributes, ask your hairdresser to cut at least two fingers under the chin.

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long neck: if the face has no very evident peculiarity, usually look good with any kind of short, including "pixie cuts" - the popular, famous "Johnny". But in this case, the head size also counts: it better be not too big and not too small, because the skull will become quite evident.

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Thick hair: "Make a short cut in a thick and voluminous hair is an art. Even if curled or curly, as it can give the poodle effect. Confidence in the hairdresser should be even greater in such cases"Explains Julyne. The secret is to get it right in layers and peaked.

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Thin hair: short is great for fine hair as it loses volume if it gets too long. A shorter cut gives life and movement to the hair. But Julyne warns, not too peal because it will end up looking like you have less hair.

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Take your personality into account: The haircut also reflects how you are inside. If you are more casual, one chanel long can be a good thing, for example. If you want to be more sophisticated, you can opt for a short more angular, with more tips. It all depends on how you feel more at ease.

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Short hair is more work: According Julyne, short hair requires more maintenance: ask for more frequent cuts, every six weeks or so. "In addition, demand some spending on products stylize them if you would like to vary"Says the expert.

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Age does not matter: The best judge is always yourself. Only you is who really should know or find what is good or not. "When you go to the hairdresser, do not be afraid to say what are your favorite features and, if you want to camouflage or hide some, talk also"Advises Julyne.

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