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Play all the clothes in the Washing machine and only remember them again when the alarm beeping. It may seem very easy to wash clothes in the machine, but the truth is that the process requires more care than this.

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As Washing: certain cleaning products

More attention should be given to cleaning products used in the process. It is because the laundry is resistant machine can be cleaned with any component.

A personal Ingrid Lisboa teaches tricks and care to ensure greater cleanliness and durability of the clothes:

  • Never use bleach in the wash, even when the label indicate the use of chlorine bleach. According to Ingrid, the product damages the clothing fiber, in addition to producing spots. "To sterilize, add 100 ml wash with liquid soap Lisoform"Indicates.
  • For remove stains or bleaching, it is ideal to make a pre-wash, leaving to soak (when fully soiled) or applying a powder bleach solution with hot water directly onto the dry stain. "Always check the label to make sure that the clothes can be targeted"Advises a personal organizer.
  • If desired add the bleach wash, using 100 ml of the liquid product into the full machine.
  • The fabric softener is dispensed in the wash clothes. Its use can too ironing tissues and cause allergies. For a natural alternative, use white wine vinegar in a ratio of 100 ml to a bucket of clothes.
  • The salt helps prevent fading of colored pieces. In a 500 ml measuring cup, adding salt to the mark of 100 ml. Complete with water and mix well. Pour the solution along with the soap in the compartment and turn on the machine normally.
  • Be attentive to the automatic water temperature. "On some machines, when choosing the option to wash cotton, the temperature is 60 C, which is very high. If the piece is dark, may fade, because the hot water removes some of the ink. Moreover, clothing can shrink with heat. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the temperature to 30 to 40º C"Teaches Ingrid. To make sure, check the garment label maximum temperature at which the water must be at the time of washing.

Set automatic temperature of the machine so that the water is not too hot (Thinkstock)

  • According to the expert, there are two widespread myths about the soap. "The first is that more soap plus cleaning means, and the second is that the foam is cleaned clothing. Both are wrong. Excessive soap can even ironing fabrics and hard let them over time. Use the recommended amount in the package and forget"Teaches. "This is an exercise!"He adds.

Bag for laundry

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The accessory is a great ally in the wash, but is often used in the wrong way. According explains Ingrid, put a piece in the bag and then the machine is not the same as wash it by hand. "When there hand washing indication, that's how the piece should be cleaned because the machine will damage it"Says the expert.

But the bag has another function. It prevents, for example, that the one-piece from loosening and sticking in another. "If flushing sheets and black towels at the same time, put the towels in the bag, or vice versa"Teaches Ingrid.

Another benefit of the accessory is to prevent colored clothes lose color, as they are less impacted in this way.

Clothes from the same family, such as school uniform shirts or dress shirts, can be stored together in the bag.

"Prefer the zipper model and be sure to close it until the end, to prevent it open in the middle of the wash. The Velcro button or open more easily"Warns a personal organizer. "The product should be replaced every four to six months"He adds.

Ingrid indicates use the bag to wash clothes whenever the label or ask smooth process very smooth wash.

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