fondant cake for baby shower

2014 07 cha cake baby coverTwo home

Learn to make a decorated cake perfect for baby showers.

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  • fondant
  • wedges
  • Coloring in white, salmon, baby pink, baby blue and light blue
  • Roll
  • Boleador
  • Ruler marker embroidery English
  • Esteca dotted with marker
  • black pen for us food fi
  • Marker little mouth
  • round cutters 1, 1.5, 2 and 4 cm
  • Circular cutter with waves of 12 cm

Step by step:

2014 07 cha cake BABY1Two home

Open white fondant on the counter, using the roll; cover the cake and smooth as well.

2014 07 cha cake BABY2Two home

Cut strips in baby blue and baby pink folder with the help of esteca.

2014 07 cha cake bebe3Two home

Check the straps with the marker ruler English embroidery.

2014 07 cha cake bebe4Two home

Glue the strips alternately with spaces between them, using glue CMC.

2014 07 cha cake bebe5Two home

Open pink folder, texturize with waves and cut.

2014 07 cha cake bebe7Two home

Cut all the mold with the esteca.

2014 07 cha cake bebe8Two home

Mount the shoe with the help of paper towel and let it dry.

2014 07 cha cake bebe9Two home

Cut a circle in the baby-blue folder to the bear's face, using the cutter 4 cm.

2014 07 cha cake bebe10Two home

Make two circles in baby blue folder for ears, using the cutter of 1.5 cm.

2014 07 cha cake bebe11Two home

Cut two semi circles in light blue folder; paste them into the inner part of the ears and make a tag with esteca.

2014 07 cha cake bebe12Two home

Circle the salmon folder, using the cutter 2 cm and check the little mouth.

2014 07 cha cake bebe13Two home

Maque the muzzle, with esteca marker.

2014 07 cha cake bebe14Two home

Mark the face with esteca, making dotted; make eyes with food straight pen and stick a blue dot on the muzzle, using glue CMC.

2014 07 cha cake bebe15Two home

Position and secure the bear's face in shoe with CMC glue.

cha cake bebe16Two home

Make a strip of 6 x 12 cm in baby blue folder and one in baby pink folder; flag with the rule of embroidery, Franza the ends and join them; let it dry with paper absolvent inside.

cha cake bebe17Two home

Join the two parts by crimping and cutting a strip in the blue baby binder, to give the finished; paste on the lower edge of the piston, using glue CMC

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